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  • Looking for a

    great tasting sweetener

    with no bitter after-taste?

  • natural plant based stevia & monk

    fruit juice sweeteners for

    industrial & retail application.


  • a scientifically developed

    range of natural sweeteners

    that deliver the perfect structure

    sweetness and mouth feel.


Introducing a range of products from ultra-sweet lite sugars to zero calorie sweeteners for practically any application

Sweet is traditionally associated with wicked calories that spoil our fun and pile on the pounds - and sugar has become synonymous with expanding waistlines and disease.


By combining ancient herba-ceuticals with modern science, St Monk can now offer healthier options to sweetness. Our products are holistically developed blends of the natural plant leaf Stevia and Monk Fruit Juice that together, deliver natural alternatives to sweetness. Monk Fruit Juice helps provide a soft after-taste that successfully masks the potentially bitter after-taste that lingers for an extended period with some Stevia extracts.

We take our name from ST MONK - the Saint of sweet things
• We are experts in the science and R&D of natural sweeteners
• Our product development is scientifically backed and produced by the world's largest manufacturer of natural sweeteners and Monk Fruit
• Our technical know-how ensures the formulation of the best possible choices of sweetener solutions for value and quality
• We offer consistent quality, delivered batch after batch

Interested in finding out more about our natural plant based Stevia and & Monk Fruit Juice flavoured sweeteners for industrial application? Contact us >

ST MONKTM Nature's sweet solution