With 25 years' experience in the international sugar industry, St Monk has actively and strategically become part of the movement to reduce sugar intake that is sweeping across the world. But with the distinct difference of keeping sweetness natural! Supermarket shelves are covered with synthetic sweeteners claiming to offer every sweet solution. However, they fail to disclose the truth around health issues in many of these "sweet stories".

St Monk selected Monk Fruit (with over 20 000 scientific studies conducted on the health benefits of the ancient Monk Fruit plant) in natural juice form to be the cornerstone of our unique, blended sweetener formulations. Natural leaf Stevia in extract form is our second component. We use Stevia plant material that has been through a 15-year selection process to eliminate the bitter after-taste naturally.

ST MONK's scientific team has developed our own proprietary formulations, whereby special co-crystallisation techniques are used together with our unique blends and formulations to deliver the perfect structure, sweetness, "mouth-feel" and flavour of our products. These products range from "ultra-sweet lite sugars" to "absolute zero" calorie sweeteners. Product solutions for practically any application include table-top retail, products for food service and a wide range of products for industrial applications.

Our strength lies in our international after-sales service to clients, offering R&D and product development assistance, in conjunction with our production and technical team at Haotian Pharmaceuticals - the largest Natural Sweetener producer in the world.

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