Industrial Sweeteners


Synthetic ingredients such as Aspartame and acesulfame K are often used to make food and beverages such as biscuits and sodas sweet or sugar-free. Although these artificial sweeteners have been approved by the health sector, today, most food and beverage manufacturers prefer to avoid them. This, together with the desire to reduce the addition of sugar is driving a trend toward natural, non-sugar sweeteners, including stevia extract and monk fruit extract.

St Monk Industrial sweeteners offers various formulations and varying blends of Monk Fruit Juice and different steviol glycocides - each delivering a different taste profile for a range of industrial applications spanning the food and beverage as well as pharmaceutical industries.

St Monk Industrial Sweeteners Range

Our tailor-made formulations
(named after famous monks who dedicated their lives to make the world a better place)
• Simone
• Dominiq
• Enigma
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